Sony SmartBand Review: A Fitness Tracker for All Your Daily Activities

Sony SmartBand Review: A Fitness Tracker for All Your Daily Activities

Sony has created a smart wristband called as SmartBand that provides more than just fitness. The companion app is really wonderful and is quite useful. If Sony is able to convince more developers to work with the remote control feature of SmartBand, it would be a real victory for Sony.


Sony refers to the small sensor as a bit “Core” when sold with the wristband, called as SmartBand. The Core part is pretty much similar to the sensor that you get with a FitBit Flex or Garmin Vivofit. The size is one by half inch. It is beautifully curved to fit to your wrist. One edge contains a button in addition to three small LEDs. It also contains a micro-USB port on one of the short ends. The band is textured on the outer side and feels quite easy on the wrist.


To set the device up, press and hold the lone button and the SmartBand will initialize. Once it is On, it will take you to the pairing mode. It is quite easy to pair with LG G3 since it has NFC. All the Bluetooth pairing is performed automatically, and the PlayStore loads up a download page for the required SmartConnect app. Once you install it, it will perform the same function for an app called as Lifelog.


Lifelog is as much part of the product as its hardware. Lifelog takes the notice of your every activity with the phone. There are some apps that might notice about the food you eat, but Lifelog takes an entirely different approach. Lifelog keeps track of all your activities, and monitors your way of spending the whole day. It can track 12 different activities with some overlap in them. You may get information about one specific activity in detail also by clicking on the tile of a specific activity. You can set the target for different activities.

The most amazing thing about Lifelog is that you can move back and forth in time to get an idea an idea about your whole life.

Logging Life

Some people might regard logging of whole data of the day as pointless. However, some activities really matter in life whose record must be kept at some place for viewing later on. People may want to keep track of some metrics that are quite important for them. Some metrics are given below.


The app calculates your calories from standard guidelines using basic information such as height and age.

Steps, Time Walking and Exercise

These log the total amount of time spent by you either walking or jogging.

The other parameters of Lifelog are also quite useful for everyday life.


SmartBand meets expectations of users to a great extent with some drawbacks here and there. Lifelog complements the SmartBand wonderfully well with its fitness tracking capabilities.

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