You could soon be making Group Voice Calls on those Facebook Groups chats

You could soon be making Group Voice Calls on Facebook Groups

There is a possibility, and a really strong possibility at that, soon you could have all your friends talking on the same voice call on Facebook. More like what you already do on conference calls or Skype meetings. Facebook is baking up that feature as Group Voice Calls.

Already Facebook is doing some dry runs on the Group Voice Calls by inviting a few users to try the platform before it is rolled out to the masses. If at all they will get to that stage; doing conference calls on Facebook groups is tricky. Will it require all members to be online at the same time, or do you invite members of the group to the calls one by one? Anyway, if Skype figured it out, no doubt Facebook will nail it too.

However, unlike Skype (something you only use when you need to), people (virtually everyone is on Facebook) will find Facebook group calls easier to make than Skype. Because people are always on Facebook, whether they need to or not, it’s like their first contact with the internet. The must go to place first and fast when you get online. Now the same can’t be said about Skype, right?

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