StumbleUpon Has Created The 5by App That Makes Video Playlists According To Your Interests

StumbleUpon Has Created The 5by App That Makes Video Playlists According To Your Interests

So, Guys, have you been thinking of an easy way for being served with a platter of video? Wouldn’t it be easy to have such a platter especially when it suits the situation and your mood. Well, your prayers have been answered. StumbleUpon has come up with the perfect solution for you. It purchases an app dubbed 5by that Android and iOS can download to their devices.

The Concept and Idea!
5by is basically a platform where videos from multiple sources and links are merged to form a unique playlist or a set of recommendations to suit your interests, mood and situations. It is strongly integrated with multiple sources to provide you with the best video playing experience.

Whether you are a music lover or a football fan, 5by will serve you to your best level of satisfaction. The app brings you all the thing you want to see. It has a very friendly user interface which the user can interact with elegantly thus giving you a very nice experience.

How it Works?

5by works by learning the user’s interest on both an automatic and manual mode. Once you start the app, it embarks on asking some basic details about the user. Such as the user’s mood, situation, what kind of video he wants at the moment among other types of questions. The main purpose behind these inquiries it to create a unique playlist and a set of recommended videos to suit your specific taste, temperament, fashion and moods.

To ensure that the playlist created by 5by is as close to the user’s mood, interest and situation he’s in, the service will require the user to sign up. This way, a better result of videos will be shown. This synchronization is done when the users signs up using his Facebook or email account.

How to Use 5by?

The basic design and interface of 5by is quite simple and user friendly, with every launch having a different background, ensuring that you don’t get bored with monotony. It also gives you the option of customizing and modifying the video list as you please. To do this, just pull out a navigation menu from the left of the screen to personalize your playlists.


5by works like this:
1. Tap to open the app

2. Tell the app about your interests. It helps it filter the most suitable results for you!

3. The app will show you a time dial. Adjust it to input the time you have to use 5by

4. Tap Play!

5. Get your popcorns and enjoy!

If you follow the steps above, you will have a playlist that is smart enough to always show the videos that fits your interest.
For more fun, 5by comes with the following extra features:
• Source of video
• Duration of video
• Format Toggle
• Rate
• Like
• Share

So, what are you waiting for fellows? Click the links below to get started and HAPPY STREAMING!

Download link for Android

Download link for Apple

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