Success or Not: Africa’s Emerging Innovation Hubs

Hilda Morra, iHub/Sr. ICT Researcher

 According to Hilda Moraa,  a Senior Researcher at iHub in Kenya, innovation hubs are currently springing up all over Africa.   The continent currently has more than 90 technology hubs and the number is still rising. These hubs are being created to encourage interest in technology as well as being the pre-incubator space for entrepreneurship ideas.

Although the region is blazing with excitement over the new tech hubs, there are still many concerns that future tech developers are facing.  The hubs in Africa like any other incubator space are dealing with the difficulty of finding funding for projects and have limited resources within their reach. Acording to Moraa, research on the success of the incubator sites remains limited based on the fact that most of the hubs are still in their infancy stage.   


You can read more on this interview at How We Made It In Africa

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