Tanzania’s Mobile Operator Zantel Launches New Mobile TV Services

Image Credit: http://www.itnewsafrica.com/2015/05/zantel-launches-mobile-tv-services/

Tanzania’s Mobile Operator Zantel Launches New Mobile TV Services

Tanzania is one African country where the installations of Mobile Internet Infrastructure can be said to be impressive compared to most other countries on the continent. Businesses are now starting to leverage on this infrastructure in order to open new possibilities for their operations. The infrastructure is acting as a catalyst that sparks new technologies and products into the local market.

In a move geared towards enticing new subscribers, Tanzania’s Zantel has launched a new service for mobile television streaming. The operator said that the launching of the Zuninga Television would “provide its mobile phone subscribers with news, movies, gospel, sports and other content from a number of domestic media houses.”

Zantel CEO Pratap Ghose speaking during the launch event said, “having access to current events and up-to-date information is important in the modern world because change in constant.”

Zantel wants to ripe from the benefits of Tanzania’s Mobile Internet Infrastructure by providing additional services to the users. Such as the high-quality streaming services that are aimed at increasing the company’s market share as far as the mobile market is concerned.

Experts have welcomed the move by Zantel, touting it as a means of improving the country’s overall technology landscape.

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