Technology in Dating: How Technological Progress can Affect the Dating Industry

Technology in Dating How Technological Progress can Affect the Dating Industry

Online dating has come a long way in a relatively short period. When dating sites were first launched, they were saddled with preconceptions, often regarded as some kind of last resort for singles unable to find partners anywhere else. That has all changed. There are now thousands of sites and apps, and we are rapidly approaching the point where digital dating is becoming the default method for people connecting romantically. So how has technological innovation transformed the experience of joining a dating site? And what exciting new trends are on the horizon?

Choice of outlets

The advent of online resources offering bespoke design templates has removed much of the mystique of designing then launching websites or apps. Coupled with the variety of tastes people have for different experiences, new outlets are being launched all the time. If the earliest commercial matching sites focused on general audience nowadays the dating industry caters to everything from LGBTQ relationships to casual relationships.  The choice is so vast, that at some point there was a spike in specialized review services whole content strategy of which was built around comprehensive reviews of the best local hookup sites or lists of best sites for senior individuals and so on. Technology has broken down so many barriers, and singles can access platforms for meeting like-minded individuals from any part of the globe.

Streamlined communication

Technological progress has driven the dating industry from the outset. Anyone registering with one of these sites today has so many ways of touching base with potential partners. You don’t even have to think of witty one-liners for your introductory message. All you have to do is add a ‘like’ to the profile page of anyone who catches your eye. You might also have the option to simply send someone a ‘wink,’ which is the digital equivalent of spotting an attractive stranger in a crowded bar and flashing your most endearing smile. If your feelings are reciprocated, you can proceed to exchange direct messages via text, email, phone calls, or video messages.

Intelligent software

One of the most innovative advancements has been the use of algorithms. This is computer code that can analyze your behaviour, then compare this with similar details from other singles using the website. Information provided during the application form and profile building stages of your registration can be cross-referred. Whatever your hobbies are, or motivations for seeking a love interest might be, if this chimes with another member, the system will select this person as a potential match. In an arena where the number of prospective partners seems practically limitless, this is an excellent method of narrowing down the possibilities.

24/7 access

When you visit your favourite app store, whether that’s Google Play, Apple App for iOS, or whatever, you will immediately be faced with a range of sites for dating. Downloading an app to your smart device will provide instant access to your account whenever it happens to be convenient. You might be commuting to work or sitting enjoying a coffee, and you could be flirting with various site members, or engaging in naughty conversations in chat rooms. This makes this particular leisure activity easy to balance with other aspects of your social life, ideal for the often busy lifestyles we lead in the early 21st-century.

Future developments

One area destined to impact the dating industry is the use of virtual reality (VR). In simplistic terms, this involves donning a VR headset that allows for a truly immersive experience. Already hugely popular amongst computer gamers, when applied on dating sites, VR will enable singles to arrange get-togethers in a parallel dimension, choosing fantastical landscapes as the backdrop. Here they’ll be able to interact with avatar versions of each other. The introduction of sensory software that can offer remote simulation will give an added degree of realism.

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