The first multi service vehicle app launched in Kenya & Somaliland.

The first multi service vehicle app launched in Kenya & Somaliland.

Kenya, Somaliland & Somalia has just gotten its first-ever multi-service vehicle booking dubbed HudHud. The service will accord commuters in those countries the convenience of ordering multi vehicles on the same platform.

HudHud is the first multi-service car booking app in East Africa. The company, in collaboration with its technical partners which had grown its base by deploying a free web & HudHud mobile application that facilitates to proving booking with certainty every time, and to create jobs, enable better transportation modes and place pricing for the service in the hands of the customer, while improving productivity for Providers – Providers, car hire companies and private Providers. Clients are able to book a Taxi, motorbike, ambulance, pickup / deliver cars, cooking gas delivery, towing/break down cars.

HudHud is a creation of engineers who need users to get a single app for all their vehicle needs. They were also concerned about the security of many taxis in the region,” said Mr. Mohamed, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of HudHud.

HudHud is the first of its kind in East Africa, The app is currently operational in Kenya, Somaliland & Somalia.

Mr. Mohamed said as safety was the first priority, the startup monitors the vehicles every few minutes, while cars have been verified by third parties and drives have been carefully screened and trained using the app.

HudHud is currently looking for investors to grow its team and accelerate its growth.

Users are able to download the apps from here

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