The little known secret; Playing Guitar is not only Therapeutic, but also healthy for the brain and your Social Life

The little known secret Playing a Guitar is not only Therapeutic but also healthy for the brain and your Social Life

It is a sad reality that stress is part of life. You go to work, and you have deadlines to beat, budgets cuts that you need to stretch out. When you are away from work, you have relationship challenges to overcome; it could be with your children, parents, or partner. Things get worse for those of us who suffer from chronic stress; you always have something stressing you out constantly.

Well, I would like to introduce to you a little known about stress reliever; playing guitar. Yes, you read that correctly. There is a lot of scientific research that shows when one plays guitar, they undergo a psychological and physiological form of relaxation.

Simply put, pick up a guitar every now and then to relax from all the things stressing you out. If you are lost on which guitar to use, well the Martin acoustic guitar comes highly recommended by both professional and leisure guitarists. For guitar-buying pro-tips, follow this link.

Benefits of Playing Guitar

Improves Mental Health

Guitarists attest to feeling generally in a good mood whenever they pick up and start playing guitar. That is one of the best side-effects of playing the instrument; it acts as psychological therapy. Helping you get your emotions in balance after encountering a stressful day. When you play guitar you are letting out all the tension on your body.

One guitarist attests to feeling a great relief from practicing for just 20 minutes on his guitar after a hard time with his exams, social life in campus, and the general stress that comes with being a student. By simply plugging in an earphone to his guitar, and plugging the instrument into power, he was able to relax to soothing tunes from his guitar.

Physiological Benefits

The benefits of playing guitar extend beyond psychological. Studies done by a number of reputable scientists proves that when a person plays guitar, they become more flexible and stronger. Especially if they are pulling long hours practicing their chords and strumming on their guitar.

For professional performers that take to stage, playing guitar has been linked to loss of weight and general improvement of body endurance. Medical experts say there is a strong connection between blood pressure and music. Relaxing music tends to slow down the heartbeat of the listener leading to lower blood pressure.

Improves Social Life

Musicians are like bikers, once you get your instrument, you will seek out others with similar or complementing instruments to make some music together. Once you get a guitar, the idea of joining a band (for leisure or professional) will not be too far behind. Once you are in a band, you automatically feel the urge to entertain a crowd with your music.

That is to, playing any instrument will almost always improve your social life. You will have more friends in the form of bandmates and even fans of your music.

Professional and Personal benefits

You might not be thinking of taking it to the pro-levels, but by just simply learning a difficult and impressive skill such as playing guitar can be rewarding. It has also been established that the more you play the guitar, the more intelligent you become, especially in analytical things such as math skills.

That is all thanks to the skills you put to use in reading the chords, the concentration, and memorization it requires. You will also be multitasking; reading the chords, strumming on the strings, listening, and if you are in a band. Making sure you are in sync with other members of the band. One might say, playing guitar is like taking your brain to the gym.

And like with virtually everything else in this 21st century, you can actually get your guitar lessons online. That way you can practice your chords whenever and wherever. For a list of best online guitar lessons, follow this link.

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