The Most and Least Peaceful Countries to live in Africa | GPI 2019 report

The Most and Least Peaceful Countries to live in Africa

So the Global Peace Index report for 2019 is already out. A report on a study of some 163 independent states and territories from around the world. Well, in summary, the GPI 2019 report shows there has been a general improvement in peace globally.

Nonetheless, there are some regions in the world doing much better at maintaining peace than others. That brings us to the ranking of countries from the most peaceful to the least peaceful with a focus on Africa.

If you have been thinking of relocating to Africa, your choice of the country could make a whole lot of difference. Thanks to the GPI 2019 report, that decision could be better informed. The GPI index measures the level of peace based on a five-point scale through three filters:

  • Safety and security in society
  • Ongoing domestic or internal conflict
  • The degree of militarization in different countries

Most Peaceful countries in Africa

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being most peaceful and 5 least peaceful, here are the seven most peaceful countries in Africa.

Country Ratings
Mauritius 1.562
Botswana 1.676
Malawi 1.779
Ghana 1.796
Zambia 1.805
Sierra Leone 1.822
Tanzania 1.860

Least Peaceful countries in Africa

Now to the tail-end or bottom-side of the rankings, are the least peaceful countries in Africa


Country Ranking
South Sudan 3.526
Somalia 3.300
Central African Republic 3.296
Libya 3.285
Democratic Republic of the Congo 3.218
Sudan 2.995
Nigeria 2.898

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