The next MacBook Pro could have Touch ID Sensor and OLED mini screen

The next MacBook Pro could have Touch ID Sensor and OLED mini screen

As we wait for Apple 5-days Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicking off June 13, in San Francisco, USA. The rumor mills are already a buzz of activities, of what to expect at the Apple WWDC 2016 event.

One rumor that picked our interest the most is the upcoming MacBook Pro. One Ming-Chi Kuo from 9to5mac and KGI Securities, also a well-informed analyst says the next MacBook computer will have extra little goodies other than some minor specifications bump.

The rumors suggest that Apple will launch the next MacBook Pro in two screen sizes, the 13-inch model, and a 15-inch model; with the latter being a more powerful laptop. However, these laptops are said to come out as thinner and lighter; so much so it can be put in the class of MacBook Air.

The current MacBook Pro that is out on the market has some constraints in thinness as a result of its ports. It is more or less as thick as an HDMI port, a Thunderbolt port or a USB port; these ports are roughly the same in thickness.

For the upcoming MacBook Pro, Apple is said to produce an even thinner Pro-version thanks to USB-C. Currently, the USB-C is in use in the 12-inch MacBook, released in March 2015. Going forward, it is possible Apple is going to use the USB-C ports as the USB ports.

Given the fact you can also make a Thunderbolt-compatible USB-C port, you can replace the standard HDMI port with a Mini-HDMI port and USB-C port can be used instead of the MagSafe connector. There is no reason, anymore preventing Apple from focusing on releasing extremely thin MacBook with only USB-C ports instead of also having Thunderbolt, USB, and HDMI port that will make the laptop much thicker.

It is also rumored that Apple will bake Touch ID sensor into the upcoming MacBook Pro. That means you will have the option of just swiping your finger to log into your user account, so you can say good riddance to typing passwords when you want to use your laptop. The Touch ID could also open room for using Apple Pay right from your Mac when making online purchases.

The most surprising rumor and probably the most far fetch rumor is that Apple will add a small OLED touchscreen right above the keyboard. Something that will be entirely new as Apple has never made a touchscreen laptop. The small OLED screen could have shortcuts and might change depending on the apps you are running.

Other rumors are on expected specifications bumps like a new Intel Skylake processor and even possibly a redesigned keyboard with the force touch capability. All these rumors will be put to rest come June 13 at the Apple’s WWDC.

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