The Role of Technology to Gambling

The Role of Technology to Gambling

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Casinos nowadays have come a long way. From simple betting on board games and horse races, cockfights, and other notable sports in the past to brick and mortar casinos to an online casino which is what most people are enjoying now- highly sophisticated graphics, stupendous audio, and much more.

The computer age is very much welcome to the world of online casinos and the latter is indeed a perfect platform for the benefit of the players. In online gambling, clients wanted to enjoy the experience of betting and some online casino sites like offer the best wherein locals and wagers offshore will surely love.


The platform of the digital casino makes the game more thrilling because of its video and audio quality plus multiple games you can choose from. Now, gambling operators don’t bat their eyelashes when it comes to purchasing game software which is indicated below:

• NetEnt

• BetRadar

• Yggdrasil

• Evolution Gaming

• Microgaming

• Betsoft

• !x2 Network

Microgaming is famous and the pioneer of web-based slots. They’re responsible for the best 3-D slots. Evolution Gaming is the best live casino provider with its trademark the roulette tables and blackjack.

NetEnt is one of the best when it comes to casino games. They are a well-known provider of gambling games on tablet, mobile games and they are also into live games.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR is a computer-generated environment that is responsible for making scenes and objects found in the platform appear realistic. AR is defined as an interactive experience of the real world are heightened by computer-generated perceptual information thus enhancing visual elements and sound.

VR/AR technology is currently embraced by online casinos the delight the bettors especially yuppies because of the innovative technology that provides a real-world gaming experience.

Biometric Facial Recognition

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Even in online gambling, identity theft is also rampant. Concerned gambling operators are vigilant concerning this matter to protect their clients. The majority of the online casinos require facial recognition to their player, besides their identity number, social security, or any important documents before they register on the online site.

Online casinos take an image of the client and map it. It starts from the chin up to the forehead and each side of the head. Others do the entire face. Now, what happens if the client made some facial alterations? Inform the online casino site immediately and wait for instructions.

RFID Chips in Casinos

Radio-Frequency Identification uses an electromagnetic field that identifies and tracks tags attached to the object. These chips are essential to online casino operators to protect them from fraud and casino’s logo and branding not to be used by scammers and forgeries.

Geolocation Tracking Technology

GTT is important to an online gambling platform to prevent illegal users from accessing gambling sites and platforms. It uses the internet provider’s address on the device of the client to find its current location. Now, if the client is not within the range where gambling area is not permitted, GTT will immediately forbid the access.


Whether online casino or land-based casino, there’s always thievery especially to transactions done online wherein these scenarios are most prevalent. The introduction of Cryptocurrency, made clients and online operator’s monetary transactions run smoothly and safely. A cryptocurrency is a third-party form of payment which to be used as a form of payment done online in exchange for goods and/or services.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency widely used in general transactions including gambling.


It is a type of database technology that allows safe and automated records as well as the transfer of information efficiency. It is compatible with Bitcoin which means that all transactions done thru Bitcoin are permanently recorded and can be viewed by anyone.

Cyber Security

One of the reasons why the online casino business seemed to be weak and not so trustworthy not so long ago but due to this reason, online operators became more aware and argus-eyed when it comes to the security of their casino. Online casinos are trying their very best to maintain their good reputation and trust to their clients that is why they employ top data protection and cybersecurity companies for the safety of their customers.

As online casinos evolve, so does the technology as well and it will continue for many years to come.

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