Three Men in Kenya sentenced to death following stripping naked of a woman in a bus


Three years ago, Kenya’s social media was awash with a very degrading video of a woman being stripped naked by a group of men inside a matatu (public service vehicle). While there is no doubt the video went viral, it also elicited strong condemnation from different sectors in the country. The activists groups, churches, and even politicians came out to condemn the heinous act the men in the video were doing to that lady.

You know what they say, about pictures and videos, they give eternity to a split second in time. While the woman will forever have the video, which went viral, to remind her of the shame and degradation of her womanhood the men did to her. The video could very well be her only weapon to fight back and to fight back it did, very hard.

The perpetrators were identified from the video; they were damp enough to have themselves clearly captured on the footage. The long arm of the law caught up with them, and justice was served.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi made a landmark ruling in the case that dragged on for three years now, sentencing the three men to death. Magistrate Andayi ruling read in parts that the trio’s act was “senseless and uncouth attack that they seemed to enjoy because they were cheering as they stripped the woman.”

The stripping of the woman elicited an outcry and condemnation throughout Kenya and trended on social media under the hashtag #MyDressMyChoice.

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