To speed up your Computer, Intel wants to Offload Virus Scanning to the GPU

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Compared to other operating systems, no other OS puts your patience to test like Windows. On a good day it takes about 30 seconds to boot up the computer, then you need to give it a minute or two for things to settle down. Should you log in to your Windows account and immediately start opening programs without first letting things settle down, you will need another four minutes for things to settle down and start running smoothly.

Well, perhaps the type of computer I am using is quite slow; or maybe that’s how Windows designed. It starts off slow then when everything has settled in; they run smoothly from there on. Be that as it may, leading chip maker Intel has announced plans to offload antivirus activity to GPU resources, thereby freeing the CPU to handle other things. As it currently stands, the CPU handles most of the processing work in your Windows PC. Intel plans to lessen the load on the CPU and give some of it to the GPU. If you are looking for the latest GPU generation in this 2019, have a look at the list by clicking here.

The love-hate relationship with Antivirus programs

Truth be said, most of use (especially those using computers not quite beefy on the resources scale) hate antivirus programs. While most modern-day antivirus programs have real-time protection where it monitors and scans continuously in the background (that means it is ever engaging your CPU resources), it make other programs run slow.

By Intel porting some of that load to the GPU, the CPU will be free to handle your day-to-day computing needs better. Intel estimates this move could lessen the load on the CPU by as much as 20%, which means you will have more chipset at your command to execute the task you need.

Intel plans to avail the antivirus load offloading to GPU in the 6th, 7th, and 8th Gen Intel chips. If you don’t have a computer powered by such processor, you might consider getting a new one with the said processors.

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