Top 5 Business Travel Apps

Those who travel for business are very serious about their travel routine. But after they have packed all their bags, the real tough parts come. Flights to boards, taxis to hail, airports to navigate and so on. Why not make all of that easier with something as simple as an app? Everyone has a smartphone in today’s world, and an app for business travel can minimize all the difficult work and put it in one location; your phone. Here are the top 5 business travel apps.

1. Hipmunk

Hotel and flight searches on Hipmunk is an experience like no other. Flights can be searched by class of service. The options to view searches include flight, airline and price options. The hotel search engine is just as good if not better as it offers neighborhood-specific needs. If it’s a matter of booking a hotel away from a neighborhood, you can sort by business, luxury, romantic, kid-friendly and more. Hipmunk provides the flight and hotel accommodation package like no other.

2. BestParking

Another problem that occurs frequently on business trips is finding parking. Usually, people are in an area which they are not familiar with, so finding a cheap or free parking spot can be tedious. BestParking works like a search engine by pointing you to the most convenient and cheapest parking spaces. No longer will people have to spend hours trying to find a decent parking spot. Also, if the app ever leads you in a wrong place, the company will give you a $5 Starbucks gift card.

3. Viber

Finding affordable cellphone service in a foreign place is tricky. That’s why Viber is a great app for those traveling for business. It allows you to call and text for free with anyone else who has Viber. Sometimes it’s necessary to make business calls and stay in communication with important individuals, and Viber gives you the opportunity to do it. It’s iPhone interface, and simple contact syncing makes this app great for business travel.

4. Taxi Magic

No more waving your hand and searching hopelessly for taxis. Taxi Magic connects the local dispatch systems with your smartphone GPS and will send a taxi to you with the touch of a button. It also estimates fares and lets you reserve rides too. The greatest thing is that you pay through a registered credit card and the receipt is emailed to you, so the hassle of pulling out cash is eliminated too. It’s a very useful app for business travel.

5. Expensify

This app is great for tracking and having knowledge of all your expenses in one place. All credit cards and debit cards can sync to this device, and the app does the rest. It will track each expense as you go on your business travel while making an easy-to-understand expense report when your trip is over. Even if you pay an expense with cash, just scan the receipt using the phone’s camera and the app will automatically file it. A superb app to keep your expenses organized on business trips.



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