The Top Six Amazing Waterfalls In Uganda

If you want to come up close and personal with nature, then Uganda has some of the fascinating landscape and scenery you can find in the world. A trip to Uganda is never disappoint in as far as fun, amazement and excitement goes; the country offers you different wildlife and landscape tours that make a memorable vacation.

Online hotel booking site has shared with Innov8tiv, the top six amazing waterfalls you can find in Uganda. There are very few sounds in the world that are as soothing as the sound of a waterfall, and Uganda has the following picturesque waterfall for a perfect kumbayah moment.

The best six waterfalls in Uganda

Sipi Falls

Probably the most amazing fall views in Uganda, Sipi falls are located on the northern and western sides of the Mount Elgon in, Eastern Uganda in a scattered series of beautiful cascading structures scattered distances all over the mountain with each view more extraordinary than the other.

Sipi is divided into several falls with the; 5o metres high/ 7 metres wide simu & sisi falls in Soronko with the Ngasire and the Simba plunging several 87 meters and 69 metres respectively into beautiful streams extreme divers and swimming.

There are other waterfalls on the mountain; sisiyi, bulago and wanale according to the Uganda wildlife authority. All the waterfalls are a few kilometres from the Mbale highway and have several hotels in the vicinity for lodgings.

Murchison Falls

The most famous to foreign visitors, the falls are spectacular to behold with the resounding roar through the rocks carved between Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga in the Albertine region on the White Nile. The 43 metre high and 7 meters wide Waterfalls share their name with the Murchison Falls National Park that is located in the northwestern part of Uganda. The falls have tumbled into the victoria nile around the rocks and have several bird species that live around it making it a generally good destination for both bird watchers and other water related sport activities. You can access the falls through the national park which has several lodges within and outside the park.

Bujagali Falls

Commonly known as Budhagali falls by the Basoga in Jinja (the largest tribe in the area), this amazing beauty in the area still brings out nature’s beauty in Uganda. They might not be as high as they used to be due to electricity dam, but these rapids are sight to behold; they are also known as the source of the Nile.

They are located just a few kilometers from Jinja town and the Kampala- Highway and must be the busiest water location in Uganda. There is a variety of activity on the rapids everyday with fun things ranging from kayaking, white water rafting to bungee jumping.

Ripon Falls

Located on the northern end of the Lake Victoria along the Nile, the falls were previously believed to be the source of the Nile and were submerged after the completion of the Owen Falls Dam.

Karuma Falls

These sequences of rock formations from the Victoria Nile forma beautiful ripple of waters that create a white foam that is beguiling to observe. Karuma falls are located between Masindi and Gulu district connected by the Karuma bridge that was constructed in 1963. The location is worth a visit and like the Bujagali falls is good for white water rafting and kayaking.

Owen Falls

The falls were among the best waterfalls in the country for sight seeing before they were submerged in 1954 when the Owen Falls Dam was completed and now they are heavy rapids on the White Nile that are located near Ripon Falls.

As the several rapids in Uganda, the Owen falls are very suitable for any regulated water sport such as; kayaking.

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