Travel Tips: Destination Lamu Island – One of East Africa’s Main Attractions

Travel Tips: Destination Lamu Island – One of East Africa’s Main Attractions

Lamu Island, is a coastal town in Kenya founded back in the 1370s, and probably one of the countries continually inhabited towns. The town traces its history back to the 14th century when the Arabs arrived in the island, and established a port and built the first mosque.

Although much has changed about Lamu Island over the years, but you can still find remains of the old town preserved as tourists’ spots. Arriving in the island, you will probably struggle a lot finding a taxi. Actually there are no cars operating on Lamu Island. Its inhabitants mostly commute on foot or by boat and use donkeys to transport goods.

There are some must-see places on Lamu everyone should have on their bucket list. Lamu Old Town, for instance, is the oldest and the best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. Since 2001 one can find it on a UNESCO list. Built mostly of mangrove timber and a coral stone, will touch your soul with wooden carved doors and lovely verandas.

The Lamu town, found in 1370, is Kenya’s oldest continually inhabited town. With 23 mosques, a port, lovely houses and a donkey sanctuary, it is definitely a highlight of a visit to Lamu Island.

The island is a home to some of the most interesting festivals too. Maulidi Festival, Lamu Cultural Festival or Yoga Festival – those are only few of those one can attend.

Obviously, the island is also a fantastic beach destination. With its wide and beautiful beaches, it is rich in high-class resorts and hotels. Try New Lamu Palace hotel for an unforgettable stay at the coast. Hotel’s elegant architecture and a cozy interior will make you feel like home. From the terrace and a roof-top restaurant you can observe sunsets eating some of the finest Swahili dishes. Shella Pwani Guesthouse is a lovely beach side accommodation designed in hard wood. Located right by the beach, is a great spot for everyone who likes to spend time outside.

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