Two-Way Texting is Changing the Customer Relationship Game

Across the generations from Generation Z to Boomers, texting is becoming the preferred form of communication. Texting is not just convenient on a personal level, it’s proving to be an extremely popular form of communication at the professional level as well. In fact, businesses that are incorporating texting into their customer service experience are standing out from their competitors, and their customers are loving it!

Two-way texting, or two-way SMS, is when a text or text chain is exchanged between two parties. In the case of customer service, for example, this means a text or text chain between a customer and a customer service representative. Companies are utilizing something called a two-way SMS platform that streamlines this functionality for their departments like customer service in one place. This makes aspects like onboarding and internal training simpler internally on the company end of things, but also makes the experience seamless on the customer end of things.

Modern Age of Customer Service & Relationships

Two-way SMS for customer service is being used by businesses big and small across a large range of industries. Customer service does not just apply to retail stores or e-commerce sites. Industries like hotels and resorts, procurement contractors, restaurants, and even medical and healthcare facilities are utilizing this system.

In addition, two-way SMS is not just for interacting with current customers, clients, or patients, but it is extremely helpful for communicating with new or potential clients. This aspect has made two-way SMS platforms very popular with sales teams and membership service representatives across all sorts of industries.

By integrating two-way SMS into a sales department or membership, department-trained representatives have another tool on their belt specifically designed to help to generate leads, drive upgrades, fully convert leads on a trial membership or service, and pursue lost leads. Two-way SMS makes communication simple, it’s on a device that is readily available and accessible, and the response time is extremely quick on both ends.

Regardless of if two-way SMS is used for customer service specifically or for generating sales or increasing membership subscriptions, the experience on the customer/client/patient end is extremely desirable. It’s proving to be more personable than other communication methods and allows for instant information without having to sit on the phone waiting or scrolling through a website FAQ or Help Desk for information. In fact, many company Help Desk or troubleshooting departments are also switching to two-way SMS because it’s so convenient and attractive to customers.

Business Benefits of Two-Way SMS

The benefits of incorporating two-way SMS into a business or into a specific department like customer service, sales, or membership services are huge:

  • 1-800 numbers can be used with two-way SMS
  • Two-way SMS syncs with contacts, but also with larger Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) software
  • Automatic text replies can be put into place with pre-approved and company written chatbot responses to provide immediate answers
  • Customers can also still chat with a real person via texting for more complicated or personalized questions or concerns
  • Customers receive almost immediate responses and do not feel their time is wasted
  • Customers connect texting to friends and family and it provides an individual customer experience from a larger company that is extremely well-received
  • CRM with SMS saves time and money by automating a system that in the past was very manual and based on call centers
  • Two-way SMS platforms can also be synced to messaging sites like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp making it even easier for customers to communicate with a customer service or sales representative

Even with two-way SMS customers have the choice to call or text, so for people who still want that phone experience and want to actually talk to someone that stays in place.

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