How to Uninstall, Delete Smart App Lock without the Password

Smart applock apps are used to lock certain apps for security and privacy. These famous smart lock apps use certain pattern or number codes as locks that let users to protect their apps from unwanted users. But what if you forget the password of applock? Many users say that they are unable to uninstall or delete app lock or smart lock app. They can’t remember the password of the locked app too. In this article I will tell you how to uninstall or delete smart applock without password.

Uninstall, Delete Smart App Lock without the Password

1- Clearing RAM

Clearing random access memory and then by going to the security tab of settings provides a nice way to delete or uninstall smart applock in Android without password. Watch this video and follow the process.


2- Uncheck Smart Lock from Settings

Launch ‘Settings’ in your phone and go to ‘administrators’ and then uncheck or remove the smart lock from being an administrator. Now restart your device and go to play store and search smart app lock. You will see the button ‘installed’. Click on it and then click ‘uninstall’. The smart app lock will be removed and all locked apps will be opened.

3- Using File Manager

Firstly, download a recover mode file managers, like AROMA file manager

. Now copy the aromafm zip file to the root of your phone’s SD card. Now restart your phone in the Recovery Mode. Now Choose Install ZIP from SD Card and go to Select ZIP from SD Card and select the downloaded zip file. Now tap the ‘Yes’ button and follow the on-screen instructions. The file manager will start. Now go to root directory and then browser data-> app-> (the packagename of the app) (here it is Delete the folder and restart your phone.

4- Using Settings Trick

Launch Settings in your phone and the AppLock app will ask for the password. Now come out of the settings, or go to processes menu, or just come out of settings, but don’t close the settings.  Now go back and open the settings. Here is the trick, there will be a split second when you open the settings and when the CM AppLock asks you a password. That means when you go back and in the settings, you get a second when you can go in the settings without the password. If you are able to do so, you can force stop the applock app. You can try going in and out of the settings if you miss the change for the first time.


Fahad Saleem

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