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Want To Monitor You Child, but in a Smart Discreet Way? SaferChild is the solution

Want To Monitor You Child, but in a Smart Discreet Way? SaferChild is the solution

Being a parent is one of the most awesome things in the world. But it comes with heavy responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that your child is safe and sound. As a parent, you will always want to know where your child is, especially if they are in the preteen age, where you have to let them go in order for them to grow up.

The level of worry is even worse for first-time parents, but you need not worry much; technology comes to the rescue. Dubbed SaferChild, this is a standalone parental control that can best be described as the most discreet parenting control. SaferChild works in the following way:

Door Swing Recognition (a unique feature in SaferChild) – The smart locator is placed inside the school locker or home doors and activates when your child opens the doors. Given your child will be using his/her own key to open the door, this will be double confirmation of the child’s location.

Messaging within time and location (a unique feature in SaferChild) – This feature not only allows you to text privately, it also allows you to choose where and when your message will be most effective to your child. You will no longer need reminders.

Indoor Positioning – SaferChild enables you to track your child’s position while indoors. Conventional dedicated GPS trackers can’t do indoors tracking, thus can’t tell you for sure if your child is indeed in school or at home.

Activities Scheduler – SaferChild also allows you to schedule as many activities for your child as you possibly can. It will give you notifications whenever your child completes a task successfully.

Parent Alert – This will alert you automatically when your child misses a schedule. It also gives you the option of turning it on manually.

Inexpensive Device – Everything on a dedicated GPS tracker can be found on a smartphone, so why incur the extra cost by going to a GPS device? Everything you need is right there in your child’s smartphone.

Affordable monthly fee – You will spend cheaply on SaferChild: $9.99 for 6 months and $19.99 for the 12 months subscription.

How to get SaferChild

SaferChild has been in development for over a year now and is ready to hit the market. All that the makers of this great product need is your support in order for them to launch the product in the market.

They are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo and would like your support. For more information about SaferChild and give your support, check out their page on Indiegogo by following this link.

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