We Need to Talk About S 24 Ultra! Samsung’s New Flagship Has many Dreaming

It is January again, which means that we begin rubbing our hands at what the year has in store for us in terms of tech.

And as usual, Samsung has set the ball rolling with their much awaited flagship phones – the S 24, S 24 Plus and the S 24 Ultra.

S 24 Ultra – The Flagship of the Flagships

The S 24 lines of phones are great, but the S 24 Ultra, based on quick reviews, is a phone that is set to get tongues wagging.

S 24 Ultra New Features

The S 24 Ultra is packing new features and the great news is that most of the new features might find some usage in the everyday world.

First, the phone has made reverse searching images much more convenient with its circle-to-search function.

Then, there is also Transcript Assist, which translates languages in real-time with minimal lag, ensuring that two people speaking completely different languages can converse in their respective languages and understand each other.

Then, there is the instant Slow-mo, which allows you to instantly turn a video you are recording to slow-mo with a touch.

Then, there are the minor hardware tweaks. Samsung has swapped the aluminum sides for a sturdier yet lighter Titanium. They have trimmed the edges slightly, making the phone feel a little firmer in the hand, though the edges remain rather sharp.

The phone also has a completely flat display, which tops up at over 2500 nits.

AI Phone

There is little doubt that Samsung leaned in heavily on AI when designing the software of this phone. They even use the tagline “Galaxy AI is here” for the new phones.

Early reviews of the phone, seem a little mixed, but could that do with the fact that there are a little too many new features?

That said, the S 24 Ultra, along with the S24 and the S 24 Plus, are available for pre-order.


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