Westerwelle Young Founders Program is calling upon Startups in Africa to apply to its Entrepreneurship training

Westerwelle Young Founders Program

The Westerwelle Young Founders Program, a year-long program that seeks to impact entrepreneurship skills to young people from emerging and developing countries, is calling upon African startups to apply to its Spring edition. The application officially opens January 8, 2019.

The start of the training will be marked by the Young Founders Conference, which will be held in Berlin in April 2019. The Westerwelle Young Founders Program aims at supporting 23 talented entrepreneurs from emerging and developing countries, with Africa, said to have eight slots to fill.

Africa is also currently represented in the ongoing Autumn edition of the program. Some of the entrepreneurs from Africa in the ongoing program include:

Odunayo Eweniyi – the co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) of the Piggybank.ng from Nigeria.

Kelvin Nyame – the co-founder and CEO of MeQasa from Ghana.

Eunice Maina – founder and CEO of Bismart from Kenya.

All of the participating founders will be at the Young Founders Conference and each one will be paired up with a personal mentor. The mentors will also double up as sparring partners who will evaluate new opportunities and challenges. The participating entrepreneurs will also get insights from seasoned investors.

To apply for the Westerwelle Young Founders Program, click here.

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