What is IQ, and what IQ score is needed for different people?

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You might have heard about IQ and its role in people’s success. In this article, we’re going to let you know what IQ is, how it can be measured, and what IQ score is suitable for different people.

The IQ score definition

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient and is a measure of a person’s ability to solve issues and perform thinking activities. This factor is determined using IQ exams, and your IQ scores let you know how smart you are.

In reality, your IQ level reflects both fluid and crystallized intelligence. Your IQ test result indicates how well you perform on various mental activities compared to people of your age.

This is actually a standardized way of determining your mental capacity in comparison with a peer group.

IQ tests can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but a score of 90 to 109 indicates normal or average intellect. In fact, 100 is thought to be the world’s theoretical average.

Different ranges of IQ scores

To figure out what IQ score is best for you, familiarize yourself with the following IQ ranges:

  • Low or definite “feeble-mindedness”: IQ scores of less than 70
  • Dullness or a “lower-than-average” performance: Scores of 80 to 89 on the IQ scale
  • Intelligence that is typical or average: IQ scores ranging from 90 to 109
  • Above-average intellect or superior intelligence: IQ scores ranging from 110 to 119
  • Being gifted or having superintelligence: Scores of 120 to 140 on the IQ scale
  • Genius or brilliance: IQ scores of 140 or higher

Average IQ scores required for different age groups

It’s well-established that the average IQ score can be defined differently for different age groups.

The following data is the rationale for this classification:

  • For people aged between 16 and 17

The average score is 108, which is equal to the overall average.

  • For people aged between 18 and 19

The IQ score for this age group is 105, which is still in the range of normal intelligence.

  • For people aged between 20 and 24

The average IQ score is 99.

  • For people aged between 24 and 34

The average score is 97, which is a little lower than the preceding group. Although the average IQ score is still below 100, following this age group, the average IQ score begins to rise.

  • For people aged between 35 and 44

This age group’s average IQ score is 101.

  • For people aged between 45 and 54

The average IQ score in the United States is 106.

  • For people aged between 54 and 64

The highest average score, 109, was obtained.

  • For people aged between 65 and 69

The IQ score is 114, which indicates exceptional intellect or above-average intelligence.

  • For people aged between 70 and 74

The average score is 119, which is higher than the average score across the board.

How to take an IQ test for free

Now the question is that how you can determine your IQ score.

Fortunately, there is an online tool for everything out there, and IQ exams are no exception. There are a handful of free online tests you can take from home.

They’re completely eligible and give you the certification so that you can use it in your resume.

So it is time to familiarize yourself with various IQ tests. You can select one that is appropriate for you.

Here are some of the best free online IQ exams.


Free-IQTest.net is one of the most well-known online tests available for you. It comprises 20 questions that will determine your IQ level properly.

You must enter your birth date when taking this exam since the test estimates your IQ depending on your age so that you may compare with your peers.

IQ Exam

IQ Exam is a new online IQ test that claims to be one of the most accurate on the market. When you go to their website, you’ll see your country’s name.

It was developed by a group of McGill University research students and is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy tests.

It comprises 30 questions, and you will be issued a certificate stating your results if you pass the exam. This exam has so far been taken by 89,000 people in the United States.

On their website, you may get useful information on the standard deviation of IQ tests, which allows you to immediately compare your results to the majority of your community.

Brain Metrix

The Brain Metrix exam is another free IQ test you may take online. It’s a 20-question quiz that should take you around 15 minutes to finish.

This test does not need you to provide your age, making it one of the easiest tests on the internet. You may easily complete it and receive your results quickly. 

IQ Test Prep

IQ Test Prep provides high-quality IQ exams, both short and lengthy. You can pick the best one for you based on your characteristics.

You may obtain your certificate showcasing your IQ score by providing your email address.

Genius Tests

Genius Tests is also a fantastic resource for assessing your IQ. It provides a variety of IQ tests, including short and lengthy versions, so that anybody may take them.

If you’re someone who dislikes taking long tests, this is a great choice for you.


If you want to take an IQ test without having to register or wait for membership, 123Test is a wonderful option.

It provides excellent example exams as well as scores, the number of correct answers, and an evaluation to see if you are eligible for high IQ communities.

It includes a limited-scope demo exam that can give you a good sense of what to anticipate from the actual test.


There are a variety of free IQ tests available online. You should try many of them to be sure about the real score of your IQ. If the result is low, you don’t have to be concerned. Many skills are not assessed in these examinations, so you can concentrate on them instead.

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