What is THCP? Get to Know The Most Potent Cannabinoid

What is THCP? Get to Know The Most Potent Cannabinoid

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What is Cannabinoid THCP?

The cannabis plant continues to pack with surprising developments. THCP, a new natural version of THC that is thirty times more potent than THC, was discovered by Italian researchers in the latter half of 2019.

Online sales of THCP-containing products started in 2021. However, scientists are struggling to comprehend this powerful marijuana compound. Know more about what THCP is, how it differs from other cannabinoids, and when to consume it.

How does THCP work?

The newly discovered delta-9 tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) has 30 times the potency of conventional THC structures. While THCP is simultaneously the most sought-after “legal” THC market in the United States and around the world, it is still subject to intense research.

According to the study, Italian researchers sought to identify new cannabinoids present in Cannabis indica varieties and found THCP and CBDP. It’s thought that the previously unresolved increase in the potency of specific cannabis strains may result from trim levels in the “phorbol” cannabinoids.

THCP overview

  • An organic cannabinoid has recently been discovered
  • It is only present in small amounts. However, they can be that’s up to 30x more potent than the average
  • Currently, the market is very shady
  • There is full activation of the receptors for cannabinoids.
  • CBDP is available in a CBD version: CBDP.
  • Big Pharma will likely target it in the future

How does THCP differ from other programs?

A synthetic cannabinoid receptor antagonist, CP55940, was utilized to determine how THCP differs from traditional THC. There is no near-total activation of delta 9 THC’s CB1 receptors, but it stimulates the brain’s CB1 receptors.

Based on the study, Italian researchers concluded that THCP has a similar ability to stimulate CB1 receptors as synthetic cannabinoid against CB1 receptors. There is a significant difference between THCP and THC in terms of the sensation of being full without overriding the electrical circuit in the brain.

Is THCP synthetic?

THCP is naturally present in cannabis. Therefore it’s not necessarily synthetic. However, it has to be synthesized for its use because it’s only present in minimal amounts. THCP is different from THCO, another “super” type of THC that has recently gained popularity and can only synthesize as it’s not found naturally in cannabis.

It’s both a positive as well as a disadvantage. A slow introduction of THCP has prevented an explosion of potent THC on the market. It is a pity for natural compounds with the potential to transform the industry of cannabinoids.

How we can use THCP?

The super-strong cannabinoid is challenging to come by within cannabis plants, but scientists aren’t quite sure of the exact nature of THCP. Globally, hemp could be profoundly impacted by THCP, CBDP, and other yet-to-be-determined “phorbol” cannabinoids like CBGP and CBCP. 

“Phool” cannabinoids could be used in every use for THC and CBD in the future. Whatever the case, THCP and CBDP are already incredible cannabinoids that activate your neuroreceptors more efficiently than traditional forms. It believes that isolated THCP and CBDP are likely to become more widespread in the first few years as cannabis growers in the future are struggling to keep up.

Is THCP legal?

THCP does not mention a controlled substance in terms of “marijuana,” so it isn’t classified as a Schedule I illegal drug. Most cannabinoids inside Cannabis sativa, in addition to the delta-9 THC, can be considered legal industrial hemp.

However, the issue becomes more complicated when it involves synthesized or modified cannabinoids. The rules for cannabinoids such as THCP and delta 8 that extract from hemp are slightly different than for other substances such as Marinol or THCO that ultimately synthesize THC derivatives.

Shortly, synthetic THCP could be a common ingredient in prescription drugs, while natural forms of the substance are becoming increasingly popular in vape and hemp flower concentrates. We can only ask that we have a sensible, compassionate law regulate the use and distribution of this highly potent and promising cannabinoid.

Can I purchase THCP on the internet?

A few months ago, it was “No.” Today there are many manufacturers selling products that advertise as having THCP.

Untrue data and exaggerated claims are not uncommon on THCP pages for products, which means there’s a chance that everything is not at the right level. A cannabinoid only discovered in the last two years, THCP is safe to consume by humans seems too good to be true.

Is THCP completely safe?

We’re still unaware enough about THCP to establish if the substance employs in its synthesized or isolated form. If it is naturally present in cannabis flowers, THCP certainly seems safe enough. However, the only THCP products that are currently available (assuming they’re authentic) are those that contain isolated forms.

If the world cannot grasp the lesson of powerful, unregulated versions of drugs appearing on the market, we’re not sure what will be required to get it accepted. THCP and CBDP might prove highly effective as tools for healing, but for the moment, they’re just instruments to capitalize on the unendingly illegal status of delta-9 THC.

Where can I buy THCO available for sale?

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