What is the Future of Education?

What is the Future of Education

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Education is changing and arguably for the better. This is largely due to the more prominent role that tech plays in our lives. Let’s explore what this means for students and teachers alike.

More Remote Schooling

First, it’s important to understand that a lot of people are expecting education and schools to return to normal now that there are vaccinations available. However, this might not happen for a couple of key reasons. First, there’s still the chance that there are going to be some dangerous mutations of the virus. This could affect how powerful vaccines are going to be in the future. Second, the benefits of remote schooling are just too great.

However, this doesn’t mean that schools will disappear completely. But the way they operate and how they set up could change significantly. Instead of permanent school buildings it’s possible that there will be more mobile classrooms & school buildings that are easier to adapt and change based on fluctuating attendance numbers.

It is also perfectly possible that we will see much more in the way of hybrid schooling, where in-person learning is supported by online learning. That might be that a student just has one or two classes online, for example, thus ensuring that their education is easily supported and that they can learn pretty much whatever they want. With many online resources, a lot of subjects become very easy to learn, so this can be really beneficial.

In whatever form it takes, remote schooling does look very likely to be a big contender for one of the main changes that will take place in the future of education.

Increased Uses Of Technology

Tech is already becoming a far more prominent feature in schools. If you walk into a random classroom, it’s likely that instead of finding kids writing on paper, they’ll be typing away at laptops. They might even be using more advanced forms of tech such as VR as part of lesson plans. This used to be a pipe dream but that’s no longer the case. Teachers are finding more innovative ways to introduce and utilize the latest technology within classroom settings to accomplish what they need to with different groups of students.


Is it possible that automation will enter the world of education? We wouldn’t rule the chances of this out completely. Automation is likely going to impact every sector and industry over the next few decades. Teachers might assume that they will always be relevant but it does largely depend on how advanced the software becomes. It is possible that AI plays a greater part in how we learn in the future because it becomes a more effective teaching method or tool. We’re not quite at this point yet, but there’s no guarantee that we won’t be in the next few years.

New Classes

Finally, it’s worth thinking about how what we might learn in school could change over the next few years. Sure, it’s possible that classes will stay largely the same however due to automation certain skills are no longer going to be particularly relevant. Instead, it’s possible that there will be a far greater focus on how we use the tech that does exist in our life in the most effective way possible. In some schools around the world, this is already starting to occur and the changes could get even more significant over the next few years.

We hope this helps you understand a little more about how the world of education could change over the next few years and why this matters. It’s clear that tech is going to have significant impact on the differences we’ll likely see in this sector.

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