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WhatsApp gets an Update to enable you to doodle on Pictures and make Emoji

Texting and calling are just not enough anymore; you need to express yourself in catchy emoji. Better yet, take a picture and tinker it a bit to better convey your message. Snapchat has perfected that, and now WhatsApp is coping a bit of that on its platform.

October 3rd, WhatsApp rolled out an updated for its popular messaging app with new picture customization and enhancement feature. This feature also works on videos too. “With the new WhatsApp’s new camera feature, you can now write or draw on photos and videos, as well as add emoji to express yourself.”

How the feature works

Whenever you capture a picture of video using the WhatsApp camera function, you will see a new editing tool pop up on the picture give you the option of editing. The same editing feature pops up when you are sharing a picture or video already on your phone.

Like stated above, sometimes a picture can speak a thousand and one words; when text and calling do not feel expressive enough. Now, WhatsApp wants you to be as expressive as you possibly can over your own created emoji on the app.

Other updates on WhatsApp

Part of the recent update includes a new camera feature that now supports flash for the front camera; for superb selfies.

Previously, taking a selfie on the app under low light or at night was a nightmare, as the flash just won’t work. Instead, you had to take it using the native camera app, and then open WhatsApp before sharing it.

With the recent update, taking selfies on WhatsApp will also support flash lighting on devices with the front-facing flash. Another feature to look forward to is the ability to zoom in and out

when taking video on the app. By sliding your finger up and down while recording on WhatsApp, you get to zoom in and out. The update also includes a faster switching between the front and rear camera.

If you do not see these updates on the WhatsApp on your phone, you need to update the app manually. The update is already rolled out starting with Android devices, while iOS will follow soon.

Milicent Atieno

Proud Kenyan Citizen, loving everything Tech related.

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