WhatsApp to start Ranking your Friends’ Statuses based on how often you interact

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Whenever you open the Status tab on your WhatsApp, you see your contacts updates in chronological order. That is, the first one to be posted is the first you are going to see; though as it works out, you are more likely to see the most recently posted as it will appear at the top.

Well, that might soon change if the supposed leak obtained by WABetaInfo is anything to go by. And for the record, most of their rumors end up to be real; there is little chance this one will be different.

There is a new update coming to WhatsApp (as per the WABetaInfo) that will start ranking Statuses according to how frequent you interact with your contacts. The ones you most frequently communicate with will have their Statuses placed at the top of the Statuses’ tab. While those you less frequently communicate with placed at the bottom. As it works out, Statuses will be split between ‘favourite’ and the rest, whereby the ‘favourites’ are Status Updates from your most frequent callers, messengers, mentions in groups, and those you share groups with.

Same tried plan on Instagram that failed miserably

Facebook owns both WhatsApp and Instagram, and what it is trying with the formers already proved not popular when it tried with the latter. At some point, Facebook thought it best that Instagram users should view Feeds not in the chronological order they were posted, but based on an algorithm that identifies friends who interact a lot on the platform.

Long story short, there was an outcry and Facebook had to revert back to displaying Feeds based on chronological order. Now, Facebook is trying the same thing with WhatsApp Status Stories. Whether it will be well received or not remains to be seen.

WhatsApp ranking Statuses based on your phone’s local data

Since your contacts’ Statuses will be ranked based on your phone’s local data, it will mean that should you delete the app or change phone. The algorithm will not have enough data to rank your Statuses, and it will revert back to chronological order.

However, as soon as it gets enough data, the order in which the statuses will show will depend on the algorithm interpretation on how you interact with contacts on your phone.

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