Whistle Camera App for Android Lets You Take Selfies Just by ‘Whistling’

Whistle Camera App for Android Lets You Take Selfies Just by ‘Whistling’

Ever thought of clicking selfies by just whistling, not getting in the mess of adjusting the finger on the click button and completely focus on your looks? Well, it was insane imagination before a flabbergasting app which has just landed the Android Play Store. Meet Whistle Camera for Android, an app that lets you shot images just from your mouth. The app works perfect and all the promised features are completely working to be the best innovative app in the town.

There is a Whistle detecting camera that embeds with your default camera to make in work with the sensors that will take the whistle sounds and motion sensing force to trigger the camera button. There are options for High quality pictures, an Auto focus options that lets you get rid of the mess of the adjusting the lens brightness and focus manually.

The best part is for the selfies. There is an easy holding and taking pictures just with one hand feature that best suits your craze for selfies. You can also use the volume up button for more easy way to take a picture. No more warning from traffic wardens as the whistle camera app for Android gives you options to shoot images while driving by just whistling, Thank God whistling is not taken as a traffic crime.

Selfie pictures using cam countdown is another feature so that you can adjust whatever the heck you have to. Both the portrait and landscape modes are supported. The best feature? You can share the selfies you have taken from the Whistle app just by a tap. So basically all your selfie bragging needs are taken care of by this amazing app. The app cannot be a complete replacement for your Google camera as it takes control of the front and rear end camera and can only handle photos not videos so things can become a bit messy.

Whistle camera app is yet another innovation from the XDA member itayg. You must give a try to this app and surely you will enjoy it. The app is free. Enjoy!

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