Why People Love Fantasy Games

Why People Love Fantasy Games

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Passion for games is inherent not only to children and teenagers. Adults also like to transform into different characters, leaving their everyday identity off the screen. Among the visitors of the Game Karma platform, the section with fantasy games is one of the most popular. Why is this happening? What is it about fantasy games that captivates players of all ages?

What Are People Looking For In Fantasy Games?

Opportunity to Play New Roles

Each person performs a set of roles in their everyday life based on responsibilities towards:

  • family and friends
  • work and state
  • hobby clubs and churches
  • neighbors and strangers

However, over time, these roles become boring and lose their freshness. In order for the brain to develop, it needs to be constantly given new tasks. Trying on new roles every time, a person expands his playing palette. And this applies not only to roles in games. In his daily life he can also incorporate new insights.

Free Experience

You can have a great experience without spending any of your resources on it in fantasy games. Here are just a few examples:

  • In the game, you can easily fly up to the highest mountain and be able to view incredibly beautiful spaces from there. To do this in life, you will have to climb the mountain for many days, while getting abrasions and scratches and risking falling under an avalanche or falling down.
  • In the game, you can marry the most beautiful princess, which has no equal in the whole world. In life, to win the favor of a beautiful girl, you need to try very hard. And if she is also rich, then this courtship will require incredible financial investments.

Development of the Imagination

Everyday life poses the same tasks for a person. During periods of stability, his fantasy slowly fades, and actions and decisions become typical and monotonous. The fantasy game constantly presents the player with new astounding challenges. Therefore, his brain is activated and is looking for original solutions.

Communication with Other Players

If you choose fantasy multiplayer games, you will interact with other users under the avatars of the game characters. This makes the game even more delightful, as the other players put into their characters their own:

  • experience
  • senses and thoughts
  • dreams and intentions
  • actions and preferences

Encouragement to Expand Your Horizons

When a person prefers multiplayer games, he gets an additional incentive to improve his character. To be as realistic as possible in the game, you need to have at least a general idea of ​​​​the field of activity that the character is engaged in. Otherwise, it will simply be implausible. To achieve the desired result, the player begins to master additional literature to deepen his knowledge:

  • playing the captain of a schooner, he will probably take an interest in the winds and the speed of various watercraft
  • playing urban fantasy firefighter, he will learn the most effective ways to put out the fire
  • playing a doctor, he will look in the reference literature what needs to be done when providing emergency care

The Game Karma platform offers the best gaming experience. Fantasy games collected here will open the most amazing and unbelievable worlds that will teach you a lot of exciting things!

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