Will the new Mozilla VPN disrupt the VPN Industry given the Trusted Name it comes with?

Will the new Mozilla VPN disrupt the VPN Industry given the Trusted Name it comes with?

Mozilla VPN launches. Given the trusted name that is the Mozilla Foundation as can be seen in the Firefox browser and its deep influence on the Tor project. Will it decimate the competition?

To be honest, the majority of Chrome browser users hate the fact they love the Google browser so much. As the years go by, Google keeps looking more and more like the Skynet in the Terminator movies; an AI so powerful, omnipresent, always seeing, and always knowing.

Skynet, though created by humans to make the life of humans easier, became too smart and outshone its creators. As with everything self-conscious, the urges for self preservations kicked in. Humans being the next in line in terms of smart beings, the Skynet launched an army of robotics to massacre mankind off the face of the planet.

Though this is not a review of the Terminator sequel, there is some concern looking at how Google has been morphing up into a giant AI center. The conspiracy theorists – aka futurists – do sit uncomfortably looking at how much Google data centers are collecting information.

Alphabet vs Mozilla Foundation or Chrome vs Firefox

If you run a search along the lines of ‘most trusted browsers’. Time and time again, Firefox consistently come not just on top of the list, but always above the Chrome browser. Maybe that is because Firefox is driven by a non-profit organization, Mozilla Foundation, whose main agenda is to promote privacy and security online.

On the other hand, Chrome is driven by one of the most successful blue-chip companies, Alphabet whose main mission is ‘the benjamins’.

The new Mozilla VPN, hit or miss?

Anyone looking for a VPN is out looking for online security and privacy. The new Mozilla VPN, though not yet launched in the market, could have a head start. That is because it is running under one of the most trusted names in the online communities, the Mozilla Foundation.

The fact that it is a Mozilla Foundation product could give the VPN a significant advantage. Even over other VPN service providers who have been in the game for decades.

When is it Launching? Will it be available globally?

Mozilla Foundation sent over a press release via email some seven hours ago at the time of writing this article. It appears the Mozilla VPN is yet to go live, as the call-to-action in that email is to join a waitlist. So we know the VPN will launch soon, but we do not know exactly how soon.

Also, it will first launch in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Upon its launch, it will initially run on just Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Users on macOS and Linux distros will have to wait a little while longer. The following are some of its promises:


One-tap to privacy


The VPN setup will be as ‘plug-and-play’ as possible. At the click of a button on your computer or one tap on your smartphone, all data in and out of your device becomes encrypted.


Fast network speed


The VPN is powered by WireGuard® servers that Mozilla promises will give you fast internet speed while surfing, streaming, online gaming, or getting some work done online.


Your privacy comes first


It has been a mantra of the Mozilla Foundation to keep user data private and secure. The same policy will be applied on the new VPN service. There will be no logging of user’s data.


US$4.99 per month


At a monthly fee of US$4.99, Mozilla promises users device-level encryptions, over 280 servers spread across more than 30 countries. There will also be no bandwidth restriction, and you can connect up to a maximum of five devices at any given time.

Join the Waitlist

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold to the new Mozilla VPN. If you are too, you can join the waitlist at this link.

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