Yahoo’s New iPhone App Is a Dream Come True For Addicted Online Gamers

Keeping up with the gaming world is not easy. Even the most avid gamers sometimes find themselves lagging behind the massively dynamic and moving world of gaming. Gaming tournaments, upcoming events, leagues, events, announcements, prize moneys and upcoming games- things in the gaming paradigm keep changing and one has to spend a lot of time to get the updates. But not anymore. Yahoo has released a great new app called Esports which brings Yahoo breaking news, gaming competition’s videos, live broadcasts, statistics and score boards in one Windows. Esports is launched for iPhone. You can watch gaming videos, tournament and event videos in HD, 1080p version. Apart from that, you can subscribe to your favorite gamers on different events and get continuous updates on their scores.

Esports cover all famous gaming events like Dota 2, Counter Strike, MOBA, League of Nations, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Heroes of the Strom and more.

You can turn on push notifications for different tournaments to get exciting alerts on your iPhone.

You can also watch and listen to commentary on different gaming matches and events. You don’t need to look out for any other sources for your gaming news and updates if you have Esports in your iPhone. The app has so far got a great response from the public. It’s after a very long time that Yahoo got something right.

Download Esports


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