Yudala Does First Drone Delivery Ever In Nigeria

Yudala Does First Drone Delivery Ever In Nigeria

Yudala is a recently launched online marketplace and retail chain to add up to the growing e-commerce platform in Nigeria. The online marketplace has also become the first e-commerce platform to do drone delivery in Nigeria. Yudala

During this year’s Black Friday, which will be running until the end of the month, Yudala will be making some deliveries to customers that order from the online store using a drone. The first drone delivery was done in Lagos for an order that was placed during the Black Friday sales.

The order was for a Nokia Lumia smartphone made one Yetunde Lawal, who was doing shopping on Yudala for the first time. Yudala processed the order and fitted the drone with the package.

The drone flew from Yudala’s headquarters at the Redemption Crescent, Gbagada, making its way through the Gbagada-Oshodi Expressway to the Access Bank branch where the customer Lawal works. The drone landed safely, and the package was delivered in good condition.

A Yudala staff was at the Access Bank branch to handle the processing of the invoice for the order and handed over the order to the elated buyer.

As cited by Techloy, the customer Lawal said, “I am extremely delighted and indeed short of words to explain how I feel to be the first person to receive an item via drone delivery in Nigeria, all thanks to Yudala. This is an innovative concept in the evolution of e-commerce in the country which I am sure other competitors will want to copy.

Yudala has met and exceeded my expectations, and I can only encourage all my colleagues, friends, and family to shop and shop on Yudala. Black Friday is here, and I am glad that the Yudala offer will run till Monday.”

Yudala came into the e-commerce scene about four months ago. Already, the online marketplace already says it has some powerful campaigns in place to break through not just the Nigerian market, but Africa in general. Yudala cites campaigns such as ‘Neighbor to Neighbor Mega Deals’ and it’s ‘October Mid-Day Madness’.

Yudala has also entered into special partnerships with other companies like HP, Lenovo, Apple, Yezz, Tecno Mobile, Microsoft, Sony, X-Touch, DELL, Wiko Phones, Philips, itel, and Cisco among others.

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