Best Udemy Courses for Entrepreneurs: Learn Management, Finance, Video Marketing and More

Entrepreneurship and starting new businesses might sound interesting and full of excitement but it is not an easy job. That’s my more than 70 percent startups fail within 6 months of their launch around the world. Many people plan to launch a business in the spur of the moment. They dream being a CEO, running an organization, being their own boss and other dreamy ideas like this. But all this has a cost. You have to put relentless work, effort with tenacity and perseverance just to get the initial push. You have to get funding, manage people and whatnot. This calls for a proper pursuit of theoretical study of entrepreneurship basics. There is a plethora of entrepreneurship courses and degrees you can do to get the basic know how of the underpinnings of how to start a business. Udemy being the top courses websites offers a lot of budget courses. Here are the best Udemy courses for anyone who wants to learn entrepreneurship and starting new businesses.

Best Udemy Courses for Entrepreneurs

Project Management Course

Project management is the key in any business. You can just start managing people. It is an art. You have to learn it. This Udemy course teaches you all the detailed aspects of project management. You do not need any full-fledged degree on project management as this course is enough to teach you all the practical aspects of project management sphere.

Course on Managing and Hiring People/ Building Tams

This course teaches you the art of hiring and managing people. Managing the human resource is a complete and complex art. Perry Wilson, the famous project management expert and certified professional teaches the detailed aspects of how to build a team in just 11 hours (one hour per video). The course fee is just $97.

Advanced Management and Leadership Course

This is the core management and leadership course. It teaches you how to become a leader in your organization. This course has 16 hours of videos delivered by a Silicon Valley recruiter. It eyes to transform the perfectionist approach into a managerial skill. This course costs $99.

Basic Financial Management Course for Entrepreneurs

Excited about starting a business but don’t even know the basic terms like seed funding, capital management, balance sheets, invoicing, working capital, revenue generation, raising funds? This course is for you. It has more than 350 hours of videos. You will get to know the basic financial management in just $25. Financial management is the indispensable skill which you must be aware of if you want to become an entrepreneur.

Facebook Marketing Course

Let’s face it: paying extra money on Facebook ads and trying useless methods to drive traffic to your website is not going to be fruitful anytime soon. Facebook marketing is a complete world; it is a skill and art which needs to be learnt. This amazing Udemy course on social media marketing might appear a bit expensive with $399 fees, but mind you it has huge benefits in the long term. In more than 50 hours, Benjamin Wilson, the famous social media expert, teaches you how to increase Facebook business presence using different marketing skills without spending a dime.

Video Marketing Course 

We are living in an era of video marketing. People don’t have time to read. They don’t even pay attention to any details, no matter how attention grabbing they might be. But videos grab clicks. Facebook’s video feature, YouTube videos get billions of views and clicks in a few hours daily. Visual content is the key in any business. That is why you should take this course. This Udemy course teaches you all the theoretical and practical underpinnings of video marketing. From making video to marketing your product or message in videos, you will get to know everything.

There are more than 60 lectures worth hours of videos. The course fee is $59, which is pretty much affordable.

These are some of the best Udemy courses for entrepreneurs who plan to realize their dreams. Every path to your goals go through the tough phases of practical real world. You have to get to the depth of the real in which you want to get success. In case of any question or input, feel free to comment on this post.

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