3 Best Antivirus for Windows Phones

Antivirus for Windows mobiles are not in demand because Windows mobiles have a closed ecosystem unlike Android; they are secure and Windows app store is known for its security and no-spam dynamics. But when you connect your Windows phone to the internet, there is always a chance of malware and viruses. Cyber-attacks are increasing every day. Therefore, you should install an antivirus app in your Windows phone. Here are some of the best antivirus apps for Windows mobile.

 Best Antivirus for Windows Phones


NetQIn Mobile antivirus for Windows phone is one of the best security apps for Windows phone. This antivirus for Windows phone gives you a continuous shield against malware and virus. It prevents your phone from attacks like SQL Injection and Adware, which are very common in Windows phones. NetQIn also gives you an ability to track your lost phone. The app has built-in tracking features. You can scan your Windows phone for viruses and protect your browsing sessions with this app.

Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus 3.0

This antivirus for Windows mobile is a software made by a very famous software security firm. Airscanner uses a special “Quarantine” feature to keep a check of browsing threats and malware. This antivirus updates automatically. It also gives you a registry level access to delete viruses. It also does a fast and multi-threaded virus scanning on files.

Norton for Windows Mobile

Norton is perhaps the most reliable name in the computer security industry. Its mobile security suite is very famous for Android devices. But it is equally useful and nifty for Windows mobile users. Norton antivirus for Windows mobile catches hidden bugs and security flaws in your phone. You can scan your data anytime and ensure protection.  You can also put restrictions on your data based on several features and checks, including Log Only, Deny Access, Delete, or Quarantine. Norton also has a firewall which could be enabled to ensure continuous protection. But this firewall could hamper the working of some third-party apps.


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