5 Best Android Beauty Apps for Women

There are apps for literally everything. Beauty and cosmetics is a billion dollar industry. Millions of people, especially women spend a fortune on buying beauty products daily. There are some amazing beauty apps for Android, which could help you save money, stay updated with new beauty products and much more. Here are some of the best beauty apps for women.

Best Beauty Apps in Android for Women

ModiFace Beauty Apps

ModiFace is an augmented reality masterpiece using which you can try different makeovers without actually trying them or even spending a time. Using ModiFace, you can try new clothes, makeup style, hair color, eye color, eye lashes and much more and see how they go for you. ModiFace offers tons of dedicated beauty apps. For example, you can use the ModiFace nail style app to try different nail styles virtually. Similarly, you can use ModiFace hair app and shoes app.


Mirror is perhaps one of the niftiest beauty apps for women. It makes your phone screen a mirror. Imagine you going for a meeting or an event and you don’t have any mirror to fix your lipstick or hair in the car. If you have Mirror app, just take out your phone, launch the app and fix your makeover. The app is free and it is downloaded by thousands of users daily.

L’Oréal Makeup App

This beauty app for women comes directly from the makeup and cosmetics giant L’Oréal. This app is basically a virtual makeup tester in which you can try your look in different new makeup products. You can add or remove different products, try different creams, skin care products and lipstick shades without even buying them.  This app could also turn your smartphone into a mirror. So you can try new looks and decide on the go without fretting over the details of makeup shopping.


Beautylish is a Pinterest of beauty products. You can not only discover amazing new trends and fashion in the beauty products industry, you can buy and order them online. Beautylish shows thousands of product reviews, hairstyles, nail designs, braids, beauty tips and makeup tutorial at once places. You can shop different dress from boutique outlets in this app. You can also find new beauty products from your favorite brands.

Pretty in my Pocket

Ever bought an eyeliner or a lipstick only to find out later that the shop over charged you and the actual product was available in less price that what you paid? Happens. This is why you should get Pretty in my Pocket app. This app not only shows you the best available prices online for any product,  it also shows you online reviews. You can actually read real user reviews before buying a beauty product. You just have to scan the barcode of that product with the app.

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