5 Best Free Tennis Games for Android

5 Best Free Tennis Games for Android

Are you a tennis fanatic or just like to play tennis video games in general. Don’t worry because there are some of the best free tennis games for Android out there which also involve some serious gameplay.

   Stick Tennis

If you are going for a tennis game that just does not stop at the simple physics of it, then you have to go for stick tennis. The graphics are pretty impressive for a game that is surprisingly light on the devices. There are 10 realistic tennis court surfaces from around the globes and the daily challenge system along with regional ranking keeps you on the edge. But the most important feature of this game would be the rewards for tactical plays which are not seen in a lot of best free tennis games for Android.

   Tennis 3D

Out of all best free tennis games for Android, this one really takes the cake. This probably has to do with excellent graphics in very little space required. The touch controls used are very smooth and intuitive and give the game an excellent feel. Game has 2 modes and 14 tennis courts along with unique players and tournaments which make you crave for more.

   Virtua Tennis Challenge Free

This critically acclaimed game is widely popular throughout the world on PCs and Gaming consoles and now there is a free version of it available in the Market. If you are going for a best free tennis game for Android in terms of graphics, it doesn’t get any better. You can compete with 50 players on 18 different tennis courts around the world and master slices, slams, drop shots, top spin and many more.

     Tennis Champion 3D

Probably not as complex as the above mentioned games but has decent graphics along with simple swipe control. But the best feature of this game is the multiplayer mode and there is even an option for playing on the same device with split screen that really comes in handy for two players in tablets.

    Gachinko Tennis

Probably the worst graphics for a tennis game you will see in androids. But the hardcore gameplay makes it one of the best free tennis games for Android. Reason being that there are 10 different skills that can be configured and upgraded through experience and the gameplay has amazing rally system that just hooks you up for a long time.

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