7 Secrets Poker Stars Do Not Want You To Know

Poker isn’t like casual gambling where you style up and go in without having and strategy or goals in mind. Poker is a skill, and every skill has its own secrets. Here are some of the best Poker secrets Poker stars don’t want you to know.

Secrets Poker Stars Don’t Want You To Know

The Importance of Bankroll

Taking into account your bankroll while playing Poker is the single most important thing you should know. Hundreds of players go broke daily, just because they think they could roll a little more at the Poker table because they won initially. You should know your limits and pack up when it’s time.  If you are a beginner Poker player, never go all in.

When to Call, Raise or Fold

Consistency in the moves is a key in Poker. Calling, raising or Folding shouldn’t be out of the blue. There are certain rules which you should know. Calling is mostly considered as weak in Poker. Always give a vibe of aggression in Poker to confuse your opponents. How to confuse others in Poker? By raising as much as possible. Raising means either you have a strong hand or you are going in for a major bluff.

Always Use Online Poker Tools

Want to hear an open secret? While you were confused whether to use online tools to get help in Poker, your opponents were using them. Everybody uses online Poker tools. You should start using Poker software to improve your Poker skills. Here is a list of some of the best Poker tools.

Consistency After Failure

Hundreds of people decide to start playing Poker daily. After the first or second try, they never come back. Consistency is what makes you stand out; not only in Poker, but in every domain of life.  Never think about your hand. Never overthink the results. Follow the first rule and be consistent. Keep working on your skills.

Overanalyze Your Game

Every professional Poker player gets busy after going home from a high stakes game. Why? They analyze their moves. They dig out their wrong move and use special tools and software to analyze theirs and their opponents’ moves. This is an open secret. You will either win or lose in a Poker match. If you lose, don’t get angry and spend the rest of the day cursing yourself or others. If you win, don’t keep jumping in joy without paying attention to the moves which made it possible for you to win (and the wrong moves of your opponent).

Your Position is Crucial

Do you think players just casually sit around the table and start playing Poker? Dead wrong. Your position around the Poker table is crucial, especially in Texas Hold’em Poker. If you get garbage due to your late position, you should fold. You should also start playing an aggressive game if you get to a late position.

Know Your Enemy

Always spend time “studying” your enemy. If they are famous, search their strategy and learn about their weak points. Ask around and find people who have played with them. Always go in prepared and with a full knowledge of your enemy.


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