Afro Business Expo 2015: Connecting UK Investors With Opportunities In Africa

Afro Business Expo 2015: Connecting UK Investors With Opportunities In Africa

Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in sub-Saharan Africa are said to have a great potential with regards to job creation. Thus, more focus has been given to this sector of the economy, especially when considering the continent has already hit the one billion population mark. The majority of whom, are under the age of 30.

SMEs are seen as one of the most promising ways to create a source of income for this youthful African population. With a young population, come some investment opportunities: an energetic workforce, creative generation, producers and consumers of good and services among others. Also meaning, the investment market in Africa is also ripe and booming with activities.

This reality also has dawn on investors and entrepreneurs from outside Africa. They have also seen the growing potential of the African continent in terms of human and natural resources. The EU Business Report tabled February, 2014 showed that the investment in Africa rose by 136%.

This is what makes up the focus of our today article. One organization, dubbed Afro Business Expo (ABE) wants to be the platform where African SMEs can meet, partner, network and hopefully secure angel investors from abroad. This year, AEB presents the Afro Business Expo 2015 where some 40+ business opportunities, cutting across the Mining, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Security, and Property Development among other industries.

Afro Business Expo provides a secure investment structure for foreign investors to invest in the many investments opportunities mushrooming across the African continent. The secure structures ensure that all plans and investments are feasible and in safe hands. The organization has the UKTI support with its network of international trade specialists all based around UK and will be having their dedicated stands at the Expo. UKTI stands will be giving support and advice to potential angel investors in the African SMEs.

The Afro Business Exposition is an annual opportunity for SMEs in Africa to meet partners and investors in the UK. It is a platform for mutually beneficial relationships that strengthens Africa’s economic development while increasing trade and investment with the UK” – Ngozi Fakeye, Founder of the ABE.

Confirmed Speakers at the Afro Business Expo 2015

Exhibitors at the Afro Business Expo 2015 include

The event will kick off September, 15, 2015 from 11am to 6pm at Reading, UK. For registration and event details, click here >>.

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