Are you a News Junkie? Then here’s why you’ll love the new Google Chrome Explore tab

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There are those of us that like staying updated; constantly updated to such a level there is no such thing as information overload. These types of people are likely to be professionals like journalists, bloggers, and researchers.

That is not to say the read all news and any news. Of course, they narrow down to their interest by filtering out what they don’t like. Google already know this about people, and that is why when you open a new tab on your Chrome browser on mobile, you can already see news feeds. From there, you can select the news you want to see more of and those you want to see less of.

Introducing Chrome Explore

This new Chrome mobile feature, currently in beta, is simply a big list of personalized content suggested by Google from all the ‘spying they have been doing on you.’ In other words, you select the news you would like more of, and Google will serve you more of that; the reverse is also true

If you would like to take the new Chrome mobile feature for a spin, you will have to install either Chrome Canary or its more stable version Chrome Dev. After installing it, set the Chrome Duet (#enable-chrome-duet) to Disabled and then tab grid layout (#enabled-tab-grid-layout) to Enabled.

While there are a plethora of tools out there that can aggregate news from various sources, the new Chrome Explore tab can now be added to that list.

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