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Atari Game App Unlocks Levels in iPhone Games if You Run, Walk and Stay Fit

Atari Game App Unlocks Levels in iPhone Games if You Run, Excercise and Stay Fit

Remember Atari? The famous gaming device from 90s which was the only famous video gaming gear around and everyone was crazy about it. Well, the gaming giant has evolved a lot over the years and it is also developing

games for Android and iOS. But Atari has come up with a gaming concept its counterparts couldn’t launch yet. Atari wants to gamify the mobile games. It has launched a health-oriented gaming system called ‘Atati Fit’. Atari Fit unlocks d
ifferent levels in games for you if you move your ass off the couch! So for example, if you want to get to the pro level in a game in your mobile, you will need to stay active and achieve fitness levels. These fitness levels are tracked by Atari Fit system in your mobile. Once you achieve the mark, the gaming levels and XP points will be logged in your gaming account.

The tech companies around the world are shifting their focus on games and gamification of complex systems. Atari keeps on rolling out apps and gear which are different and highly useful for the mobile gamers. For example, back in 2011, Atari launched a special joystick for the iPad in order to let the iOS games enjoy the real nirvana of games with joysticks.

Atari Fit is a free app for iPhone. You can set goals, track your runs and walk distances and enjoy games. This app will not only give you the gaming enjoyment you crave, you will also stay alert and fit.

 Download Atari Fit for iPhone 

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