Best Cases for iPhone 11 You Can Buy Right Now

One thing you can never imagine is investing $700 on getting your desired phone and losing it by a mere slip. Apple has recently launched iPhone 11 and the foremost thing that people are going to reach for is a case to protect their smartphones from any sort of damage. As per Apple’s claim, though iPhone 11 series is most durable and protected with anodized Aluminum and glass framework yet it will only be proven over time. If you claim to have the best phone on earth, you deserve to get best cases for your iPhone 11. In this article, we enlist some of the best cases for iPhone 11 series that people can use in order to save their iPhones from damage. Following are the cases:

⦁    Clear Plastic, Silicon, and Leather Cases

People who buy luxurious mobile phones like iPhone 11, want to be sure that the case they get will work 100% with their new iPhone. For it, Apple Store itself should be the first stop. Apple has a wide variety of clear plastic, silicone, and leather cases that fit the iPhone in a perfect fashion. These cases have a microfiber lining that protect your phone’s finish and feature drop protection.

⦁    Top-notch Clear Cases

If you have chosen one of the latest colors of iPhone 11, you might be hesitant to cover up your brand new iPhone 11. For this, you can kill two birds with one stone, by retaining your favorite trendy color  and also attaining drop protection and phone safety by having transparent case as best option for your iPhone 11.

  • Otterbox Symmetry

This is a one-piece case from Otterbox that is installed easily. It is completely clear and the color of your iPhone shines through it. It has famous drop protection and is compatible with Amplify glare-free protector.

  • Lifeproof Slam

Next best case option for your iPhone 11 is Lifeproof Slam. This is a one-piece case with colored bezels that protects your iPhone from drops up to 2 meters.

  • Lifeproof Next

This case features a front bezel that helps to keep dust and debris away from your iPhone, providing a little more protection. It has additional closed speaker grates and a sealed bottom port for charging.

    Strada Series Cases

Strada series cases of Otterbox is one of the stylish and best case options for protecting your new iPhone11. It is wrapped in a hard, polycarbonate shell and then adds a leather layer to that. This leather layer extends to the folio cover, held in place using a magnetic clasp. This case gives your iPhone protection on all sides. It has an additional room to cover to hold two credit cards.


    Vault Case

Vault is the perfect simple and rugged case for people who prefer no frills in protective cases for their iPhone. This case is flexible yet durable and tough, providing protection from scratches and shocks. Its textured back provides practical grip, i.e. Vault stays in your hand no matter what. At an affordable price, Vault is a protective option with a clean look, making it a fan-favorite and best case for iPhone 11 among practical users.


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