iPhone 11 Pro Max: Detailed Review of Features, Camera, Processor and Battery

Apple seems to have tarnished the perception that it doesn’t give value in its iPhone refreshes every year. The trio launched by Apple has a slew of new features. In this article,  we will review iPhone 11 Pro Max features and dig a little deeper in Apple’s fans luxurious choice.

Great Camera

iPhone 11 Pro Max has a hefty price tag of $1100, with a dynamic OLED screen and camera.  It has a telephoto camera feature with 12 Megapixel wide camera, 12 megapixel extra wide camera and latest 12 megapixel telephoto camera. The camera only has a wider coverage, it also captures widespread images. It takes 9 pictures together, removes the sharpness effects and colored dotting and deletes the noise with artificial intelligence providing with best output that one desires. With faster automatic processing, audio zooming features in video making and night mode makes it best camera phone option in smartphones.

Limited Storage

The biggest problem with 4K video camera of this quality for someone who shoots too many videos or wants to preserve all precious moments with filming is the 64GB storage. You may increase it by 256GB for another $49 or $149 on top of this price. And if video shooting is your livelihood, you may get $512GB storage around $1,349 or $1,449. That may get very costly for a phone.

Display, Hardware and Colors

With multi touch display, iPhone 11 Pro Max is available in multiple colors like Gold, Space Gay, Silver, and Midnight Green. In case 5.8 inches screen is not enough, iPhone 11 Pro Max offers wide diagonal screen of 6.5 inches and OLED display, since these Organic Light Emitting Diode operates in backlighting, it consumes much lesser battery as compared to LCDs and hence increase battery life. It claims to have longest battery, to last 5 hours longer than XS, 1 hour more than iPhone 11 Pro. It has a super retina XDR featuring perkiest display with 1200 nits, contrasting ratio of 2 million:1 ever in an iPhone, and 2688×1242 pixel resolution makes this Pro Max a treat to watch content on.

The next thing you want after buying an $1100 phone is assuring its safety and durability. Apple claims that iPhone 11 Pro Max has toughest glass on earth with water resistance up to IP68, that it can stand submerged in water up to 4 meters and survive time duration of 30 minutes under IEC standard 60529.


With processing chip like A 13 Bionic, a completely new standard for efficiency and performance is established altogether with cores saving battery life and increase efficiency up to 20% and 30% respectively. For machine learning analysis, the latest accelerators allow for CPU to function trillion operations per second, with even better processing.


With software like iOS13, Pro Max offers features like dark mode, my app, Siri voice, new revamped photos, reminder apps, new privacy features etc. Also, a front facing camera of 12 megapixel with face ID features, nano-SIM and e-SIM features like other iPhone 11. If the price and storage are considered limitations, battery life and camera are big plus points for iPhone 11 Pro Max, and compelling enough for brand loyal consumers to book and buy it as soon as possible.

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