Best Fortnite Skins: Download Amazing and Rare Skins for Fortnite

There are a lot of Fortnite skins you can choose from. The game is constantly releasing a lot of new cosmetics which include some of the best and rare skins. The Fortnite skins help you stand out from the crowd. You can buy the Fortnite skins in the cosmetic store of the game. Here are the best Fortnite skins to choose from.

Best Fortnite Skins: Download Amazing and Rare Skins for Fortnite

Candy Axe

This seasonal skin was released for Christmas and many players use it during the holidays. The skin is a candy cane with Christmas lights twisted around it. It is a harvesting tool which costs 1500 V-bucks.


Black Knight

The black knight looks so great and perfect. It is one of the best Fortnite skins. It is an outfit skin, which is obtained as a reward from Tier 70. The outfit, which looks like an armored knight in black, is worn by the odious scourge of Wailing Woods.


Mako Glider

The Mako Glider is a glider skin that is a free reward as soon as the player reached level 25 or you can buy it for 500 V-bucks.



Chomp Jr.

It is a harvesting tool which costs 1500 V-bucks. It is one of the rarest pickaxes available in the Fortnite game. This skin was released in February 2018. If you like ocean themed look, then this skin is a must-have. The shark has a funny look and it waggles while swinging.


Rainbow Smash

Another one of the best Fortnite skins is the rainbow smash. It is a harvesting tool which is of 1500 V-bucks. It is unique from all the other pickaxes. The horn on the unicorn glows more as more players get eliminated during the game.


Ginger Gunner

Ginger Gunner is another seasonal and best Fortnite skin. It has both female and male version of the Christmas themed gingerbread character. A rare outfit skin that costs 1500 V-bucks.



One of the fewest harvesting tool which is about 800 V-bucks. This skin was released in the item shop during the Halloween season. Many players consider this as the best pickaxe for the Fortnite game because of its looks, feel, and rarity.


Brite Bag

It is a back bling skin, which costs 1500 V-bucks. It is found in the costume store bundled together with another skin called Brite Gunner. It is the rarest skin available for the Fortnite game.


Recon Expert

Recon Expert is an outfit skin released in the item shop. Its description says it all: rare recon expert outfit. The skin is super rare, which costs 1200 V-bucks. The players usually use this skin because of its rarity.


Aerial Assault One

Aerial Assault One along with Aerial Assault Trooper is a perfect match of glider skin. This skin costs 500 V-bucks. You have to be at level five to buy this skin from the item shop. It is also the scarcest glider in the Fortnite game. The skin has orange stripes and stars with a green camouflage print.

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