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Best Shopping Apps For Android Users

Best Shopping Apps For Android Users

Is shopping in your blood? Do you love tracking down amazing coupons deals?  If yes is your answer, then this article is for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best shopping apps. All you need is your Android device (iPhone fans, don’t despair, we’ ll get to you shortly). Without any delay, let’s get started with what technology has for the price conscious shopper.

Amazon (free)

Unless you live under a rock, we’re pretty sure you’ve  heard of Amazon the pioneer of e-commerce. Fortunately, there is an Android app for Amazon, which lets you do everything you do on your PC. You can create a wish lists, share them on social media, apply filters to search your required items, search the hot products being sold online, mine out the coupons and much more.

Source : Techjost

 Download Amazon


Groupon is my favorite shopping app, mainly because it has a clean design, seamless integration and guess what, it notifies you as soon as there is any deal or coupon on your wish list product. This way, you can quickly take advantage of the offers and bypass the billion other users who used to pounce on must have items before you even hear about the offer.

Source : Pinoytechblog

 Download Groupon


RetailMeNot is another amazing app to check out for those who love  to get the best bang for their bucks. With RetailMeNot, you can  check local shopping malls and international grocery chains for coupons and deals. Plus you can search for hot deals around the web. RetailMeNot is actually a very famous shopping website and now available to Android users.

Source : Mobilecommercedaily

Download RetailMeNot

ShopSavvy (free)

Imagine yourself at the  grocery store and you’re preparing to purchase some groceries  but you aren’t sure they have the best price in town. So what do you do? Stop shopping and go search every neighboring store? No! All you need is your Android phone and the  ShopSavvy App. This app will blow your mind with its versatility.  You simply scan the bar code of any product at the store from your Android device’s camera and the app will show you prices around the web so you can easily locate the  store with best price.

Source : Androidapps4u

Download ShopSavvy

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