Can someone please invent a Lawn-Watering Robot that waters just the dry spots?

Lawn-Watering Robot

In an article published by Popular Science, one Mike Jacobellis in an email wrote: “I wish someone would invent a lawn-watering Roomba that sees dead spots.”

Well, Engineer Jim Canyon might just have the answer for Jacobellis. Canyon says he is working on a prototype idea that could automate lawn-watering systems, one that focuses on dry patches thus save on water wastage.

Canyon’s prototype works by measuring the soil stored electric energy. The higher the electrical energy, the wetter the soil; given water is a good electricity storage medium. Once the moisture levels of the soil across the yard is established, Canyon’s has designed a sprinkler system that will only spray water to just the thirsty parts.

As it works out, you might not even need a ‘roomba’ to water your yard. A traditional sprinkler system could be made smart to know which areas of the yard are getting dry and it could water just those specific parts.

Engineer Canyon is confident his idea could hit the markets within the next few years.

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