Chrome turns 10-years-old and to mark the Anniversary, it’s teasing you with surprise features

google chrome

It is hard to imagine how people browsed the internet without Google’s browser Chrome. Now, that it is here and ever so fast and efficient, we tend to assume it has always been here. And going online has always been a breeze; in as far as the browser performance is concerned.

Well, over the weekend, folks over that Google Chrome design and development department (read Twitter handle @googlechrome) made sure to remind us that it’s their birthday. They even went ahead to throw a little birthday party on Twitter, complete with a cake. Though they promised everyone a piece of the cake starting Tuesday, Sept. 4th.

Though we at Innov8tiv know what the surprise gift is all about, and we already featured it here. Nonetheless, there is no denying it. Chrome has done a pretty good job in sweeping us off our feats over its 10-years run thus far.


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