Clash of the Hashtags: #StopTheDrunkPresident v/s #MyPresidentMyChoice

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Clash of the Hashtags: #StopTheDrunkPresident v/s #MyPresidentMyChoice

It has been said that the President of Kenya puts the PR in PResident’. PR experts give him a thumbs up for having a very innovative and effective PR-machine that has seen him charm his way into the hearts of many both within Kenya and outside.

But following the recent insecurity cases where lives of both civilians and security agents have been lost. The Kenyan public feels that the government security agents are sleeping on the job. The most recent case of insecurity having taken place last Saturday, in North Eastern parts of Kenya; where a bus carrying civilians was attacked, and 28 non-Muslims lost their lives. The perpetrators of this heinous act were the Islamist militia group, Al-Shabab.

As Kenyans moaned and buried their dead, the President went to Abu-Dhabi. Many felt that he should have canceled his trip to Abu-Dhabi and stayed home to address the insecurity issue. This sparked a protest along the Harambee Avenue in Nairobi, where Kenyans demanded the government to take more decisive actions to curb insecurity.

When the President came back from Abu-Dhabi on Tuesday, he said that as much as it’s the duty of the government to provide security for its citizens, the citizens themselves must also play a role for their own security.

These comments were not received well by some Kenyans, who took to social media under the #StopTheDrunkPresident. Kenyans ridiculed the President’s remarks, some demanded for proof of the 100 terrorists that were apparently killed by the Kenyan security forces as said by the Deputy President and some criticized the President’s selfies of himself and Thandie Ojeer, a PR and Branding personality based in Abu-Dhabi.

The #StopTheDrunkPresident went viral, and the following are some of the comments under this hashtag:

In a move that some interpret as the purported PR-machine trying to neutralize the bad comments on social media about Kenyan security situation. A new hashtag was born, #MyPresidentMyChoice. This hashtag is purported to try and portray the President as a responsible and caring President. But how effective that is, you be the judge:

To view more of the tweepf between the two opposing camps, follow the #StopTheDrunkPresident versus the #MyPresidentMyChoice on Twitter.

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