CLIP OS the Cybersecurity-hardened OS is now Open Source thanks to French Cybersecurity Agency

CLIP OS github anssi

The National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) has open-sourced the CLIP OS, an operating system the agency created for the French government. The in-house built operating system was developed from the ground-up with security in mind and has been praised for being air-tight to Cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Well, the ANSSI has released the CLIP OS to the public on GitHub, both the CLIP OS 4 and CLIP OS 5. The ANSSI says the OS as a “Linux-based operating system [that] incorporates a set of security mechanisms that give it a very high level of resistance to malicious code and allow it to protect sensitive information.”

The agency further says that the OS uses a “partitioning mechanisms” which enable it to separate public and sensitive data into two wholly isolated software environments. The OS can be used on both security gateways and workstations. However, there is no version already ‘ready to use’ for the end users. They will have to go through the technical build process to assemble the CLIP OS to a format that best work for them. The ANSSI said it has been working on this OS internally for over 10 years now.

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