Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text with this Excellent Android App

Most of my friends send voice messages on WhatsApp. I am not a big fan of voice messages, and always prefer reading texts. Especially when I am in a meeting, I can never open voice messages on WhatsApp. There is an excellent app using which you can convert voice messages on WhatsApp to texts. Transcriber for WhatsApp is an  transcribers your audio messages on WhatsApp and converts them to texts.

Transcriber for WhatsApp was released just a few weeks back and it already has over 102 excellent reviews and about 10,000 installs.

The app is very easy to use. Just install the app from the play store. Hold the voice note and the app will change the voice message to text. In the end, you will see the text. The app has over 99% of success, which means the text you see will almost always be similar to what your friend blurted out in the voice note.

Transcriber for WhatsApp supports several languages, including English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Malay, Serbian and Arabic.

This is must-have app for all the people who don’t like voice messages and want to see the texts. This is a go-to app if you spend most of your time around people, but also want to keep synched in WhatsApp groups which are inundated with voice messages.

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