How to Fix Videos not Playing on Instagram Problem in Android

A lot of users, especially of Android phones, are complaining that they can’t play videos on Instagram. Whenever they hit the play button on any Instagram video, the video goes in a loop, never to be played again. The video goes in an unending loop, and it looks like the video is taking ages to load. In this article we will tell you a simple way to fix videos not playing on Instagram

Fix Videos not Playing on Instagram Problem in Android

Clear Cache

Instagram heavily uses the cache of your phone. Over time the excessive Instagram usage, watching photos and videos fill up the cache and blocks the data packets from going through. This creates a bottleneck. Therefore videos do not play on Instagram. In order to solve this problem all you have to do is to clear cache of the Instagram app.

Go to the Application Manager in your phone and head over to the “All” tab. Now click on Instagram and then click on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” options. In a few seconds, the phone will clear the cache. This will clear all the data blockage.

Restart your phone after clearing up the cache. Videos will start playing in Instagram again.

Turn off Battery Saver

If your Instagram videos aren’t playing, chances are that your battery power is on. You will have to turn off the battery saver mode in your phone in order to fix videos problem in Instagram.

Latest versions of Android also have a “Performance” setting. You should ensure that this setting is set to “High Performance”. Instagram videos demand a lot of memory and battery power. Your phone should be set to full power in order to play videos on Instagram without any hiccups.

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