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CyDelete7: The Solution To Deleting Cydia Apps

CyDelete7: The Solution To Deleting Cydia Apps

Cydia is famous for letting iOS users have a full arsenal of loaded apps and tweaks which makes their iPhone a fun factory, but there was a great need for the option to delete those apps that users didn’t want anymore. The biggest problem with iOS 7 has been the lack of Delete/Remove button for apps that are downloaded via Cydia.

Well fret no more iOS7 users, we have a solution for you. This amazing app is called CyDelete 7 which is a continuation of its smart predecessor, CyDelete. CyDelet7 is especially built for iOS 7 and lets you delete the Cydia apps directly from the home screen, without the hassle of opening the Cydia store. CyDelete7 allows you to simply tap on the home screen and delete any unwanted apps within seconds.

CyDelete 7 has the best and most seamless integration with iPhone. It does not have a main screen or a cumbersome approach and it will not prompt you to click and use it. Its benefits will compel you to use it. So the question is, how do I use it? Tap and hold any app on the Home Screen. The apps will start to wiggle. There will be a small cross sign on the left of each app which was downloaded from Cydia. Every app that doesn’t have a cross sign is a pre-installed system app. You can press the cross sign. CyDelete7 will ask for confirmation twice. The delete operation is amazing, and the app completely wipes off the app entries from the main screen memory and from the jailbreak store as well. So be careful when you hit the delete button.

CyDelete 7 is free and available in the BigBoss repository. It works only with devices running iOS 7 (including the iPhone 5s).


Fahad Saleem

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